UTC Global Balanced Fund Limited

UTC Global Balanced Fund Limited (UTC GBFL) is a US Dollar denominated Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) investing in regional and international stocks and bonds.

UTC GBFL gives personal access to global investment opportunities by allowing ordinary investors to pool their funds and invest in a broad range of global securities.

The objective of UTC GBFL is to provide investors with capital growth and income.

UTC GBFL will be managed by UTC Fund Management Services STL Limited, a licensed CIS Management Company, in the Eastern Caribbean.
Investments and Redemptions in UTC GBFL can be made via any Broker-Dealer licensed to operate in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union. Enjoy convenient access to your account.
UTC GBFL features a compilation of financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, short- term debt securities, cash and cash equivalents. Investors benefit from this pooled investment by enjoying part ownership in the fund and the income it generates.

With a history of creating wealth for investors across Trinidad and Tobago, UTC stands ready and committed to strengthening the relationship and economic development of our regional partners and investors.

Douglas Camacho
Chairman, UTC GBFL

Fund Performance

The Net Asset Value as at July 22, 2024

Name of Fund
Offer PriceBid Price
UTC Global Balanced Fund LimitedUS$22.0821US$21.8203

Board of Directors

Douglas Camacho


Nigel Edwards


Jo-Anne Julien


Dirk Smith


Regulatory Compliance

UTC Global Balanced Fund Limited is a licensed Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) / Mutual Fund, authorized to do business in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union.

UTC GBFL is regulated by the Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission, whose website can be found here: https://www.ecsrc.com/

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